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SQUAREA is the game of colors and combos.
Challenge yourself or a friend to connect the most area.
Score 1 point for each section of color you connect.
Build an area of color to score massive combos.
Additional modes add to the fun -
race the clock and work your way around blockers to win.

How much Square Area can you connect?


Single Player : Improve your puzzle solving skills
Multi Player : Challenge a friend on your device or wirelessly
Leaderboards : Climb the ranks of the global community
Timer Mode : Race against the clock
Blocker Mode : Work your way around the barriers
Special Squares : Whites are wild, Blacks can block
Custom Backgrounds : Choose your picture or take a photo
OpenFeint : Connect and share with other players


Move and rotate the new squares you get each turn to connect as many sections of color on the grid as you can.


Each connected section is worth 1 point.
Build your Square Area to rack up massive combos.